Louella Annie Thomas ANDREWS was born on 11 December 1873.1,2 She was buried in March 1959 in Monahans, Ward, TX, USA.1,2 She died on 26 March 1959 at the age of 85.1,2 Parents: John Thomas ANDREWS-4306 and Cassandra Cherry WALKER-4307.

Spouse: William Hiram WILLIAMS-4682. Louella Annie Thomas ANDREWS and William Hiram WILLIAMS were married on 1 November 1892 in Midland, Midland, TX, USA.1,2 Children were: Serena Duval "Rena" WILLIAMS-4591, Katherine "Kay" WILLIAMS-4563, Cassandra Cherry "Cassie" WILLIAMS-4566.

Vincent ANDREWS was born on 18 December 1897 in Odessa, Ector, TX, USA.1,2 He died on 6 April 1976 at the age of 78 in Monahans, Ward, TX, USA.1,2 He was buried in April 1976 in Monahans, Ward, TX, USA.1,2 Parents: Jacob Johnson ANDREWS-4303 and Callie BAILEY-4304.

Spouse: Serelda Elizabeth ESTES-5639. Serelda Elizabeth ESTES and Vincent ANDREWS were married on 20 June 1920 in Pecos, Reeves, TX, USA.1,2 Children were: J. William "Bill" ANDREWS-4296.

Andrew ANDRIESSEN was born about 1585 in Sweden.

Spouse: Christina COOLBRANDT-3933. Children were: Johan Anderson STAHLKOFTA-3930.

Joe ANGEL (private).

Spouse: Mary Bell COLE-2791.

Nut ANGEL (private).

Spouse: America COLE-2788.

Alice Sadie ANSLEY (private).

Spouse: James Monroe "Jim" THRASHER-359. Alice Sadie ANSLEY and James Monroe "Jim" THRASHER were married on 26 December 1886.3 Children were: Sterling THRASHER-5993.

Gloria Pendleton APPELL (private).

Spouse: George Clinton THRASHER-5958. Children were: George David THRASHER-6002.

Sharon APPLETON was born on 21 February 1956.

Spouse: Lonnie Dewayne BARNETT-416. Sharon APPLETON and Lonnie Dewayne BARNETT were married on 30 June 1979 in Gateway, Arkansas. Children were: Dewayne Coleman BARNETT-421, Ryan Dierlam BARNETT-422.

Alton S APPLEWHITE (private).

Spouse: Carolyn YARBROUGH-1552. Carolyn YARBROUGH and Alton S APPLEWHITE were married on 16 June 1961.

Isaac APPLEWHITE (private).

Spouse: Margaret Eliza BLUDWORTH-6405. Margaret Eliza BLUDWORTH and Isaac APPLEWHITE were married.

Margeret Elisabeth APPLEWHITE was born in 1789 in Georgia. She died on 9 March 1845 at the age of 56 in Natchitoches, Lousiana. She died on 9 March 1845 at the age of 56 in Natchitoches, Lousiana. Margeret was also known as Margeret (Mary) Elisabeth APPLEWHITE.

Spouse: Poitevent BLUDWORTH-825. Margeret Elisabeth APPLEWHITE and Poitevent BLUDWORTH were married about 1810. Children were: Sarah Ann BLUDWORTH-1004, Margaret Eliza BLUDWORTH-6405, William James BLUDWORTH-860, Mary Laura BLUDWORTH-6407, Milton Houston BLUDWORTH-998, Eveline BLUDWORTH-38, Elizabeth "Betsy" BLUDWORTH-1003, Maria J. BLUDWORTH-1002.

Martha ARCHER was born WFT Est. 1842-1866.1,2 She died WFT Est. 1885-1954.1,2

Spouse: George ESTES-5650. Martha ARCHER and George ESTES were married on 17 December 1879.1,2

Miss. ARCHIBOLD was born about 1616 in Glencoe, Argyil, Scotland. She died in February 1691/2 at the age of 76 in Glencoe, Argyil, Scotland.

Spouse: Alexander Macian MACDONNELL-3947. Miss. ARCHIBOLD and Alexander Macian MACDONNELL were married in Scotland. Children were: Bryan MCDONALD-3944.

Julie Ann ARMENDA was born on 5 November 1974.

Spouse: Virgil William CRAWFORD III-3550. Julie Ann ARMENDA and Virgil William CRAWFORD III were married.

Jane ARMISTEAD was born about 1689 in Elizabeth City County, Virginia. She died about 1730 at the age of 41 in Hampton Town, Elizabeth City Co., VA..

Spouse: Timothy BLOODWORTH Sr.-874. Jane ARMISTEAD and Timothy BLOODWORTH Sr. were married about 1706 in Elizabeth City County, Virginia.4 Children were: Mary BLOODWORTH-6413, Elizabeth BLOODWORTH-6414, Ann BLOODWORTH-6415, Susannah BLOODWORTH-6416, John BLOODWORTH-6417.

William ARMSTRONG was born on 12 July 1856.5 He died on 2 April 1917 at the age of 60 in Rockport, Aransas County, Texas.5

Spouse: Hannah Mary "Mamie" ROBERTS-314. Hannah Mary "Mamie" ROBERTS and William ARMSTRONG were married on 23 January 1880.5

Rick ARTMAN (private).

Spouse: Brenda Cherlene BARNETT-515. Brenda Cherlene BARNETT and Rick ARTMAN were married on 23 September in Gateway, Arkansas.

Leola May ASHLEY (private).

Spouse: George Burton CRAWFORD-2570. Children were: Mary Jane CRAWFORD-2578.

Mary ASHWORTH (private).

Spouse: James Lewis SQUYRES-6059. Mary ASHWORTH and James Lewis SQUYRES were married on 22 September 1858.

Vianna ASHWORTH was born about 1834 in LA, USA.1,2 She died WFT Est. 1862-1928.1,2

Spouse: Robert WILLIAMS-5531. Vianna ASHWORTH and Robert WILLIAMS were married on 3 June 1849 in Nacogdoches, TX, USA.1,2 Children were: Mary J. WILLIAMS-5695, Caroline WILLIAMS-5696, Brooks WILLIAMS-5697, James WILLIAMS-5698, Elizabeth WILLIAMS-5701.

Sarah Ruth ASKEW was born on 9 August 1849. She died on 8 December 1909 at the age of 60 in Itawamba Co., Ms..

Spouse: George Washington THRASHER-357. Sarah Ruth ASKEW and George Washington THRASHER were married on 22 July 1869. Children were: William Joe "Willie" or "W J" THRASHER-1034, James Jasper THRASHER-1035, Rebecca E. THRASHER-1036, Mahala THRASHER-1037, Pamela THRASHER-1038, Tannes THRASHER-1039.

Aaron Vernon AUSMUS was born on 22 March 1978 in Pasadena, Tex.. Parents: Larry Vernon AUSMUS-462 and Linda Christine NORVELL-457.

Larry Vernon AUSMUS was born on 14 April 1947 in Chicago, IL.

Spouse: Linda Christine NORVELL-457. Linda Christine NORVELL and Larry Vernon AUSMUS were married on 29 May 1971 in Houston, Harris County, TX. Children were: Loren Dane AUSMUS-463, Aaron Vernon AUSMUS-464.

Loren Dane AUSMUS was born on 24 August 1973 in Houston, Harris County, TX. Parents: Larry Vernon AUSMUS-462 and Linda Christine NORVELL-457.

Kate AUSTIN was born on 11 June 1898 in Buckhorn, Texas.

Spouse: Charles Thomas BRUNDRETT-3275. Kate AUSTIN and Charles Thomas BRUNDRETT were married. Children were: Virginia Lou BRUNDRETT-6132.

Clovis BABER died on 14 October 1991.

Spouse: Ruby Francis THRASHER-427. Ruby Francis THRASHER and Clovis BABER were married in January 1943. Children were: Lois Marie BABER-445.

Lois Marie BABER (private). Parents: Clovis BABER-437 and Ruby Francis THRASHER-427.

Spouse: James REYNOLDS-446. Lois Marie BABER and James REYNOLDS were divorced. Children were: Kenneth Wayne REYNOLDS-447.

Spouse: Hollis GASSETT Jr.-3482. Lois Marie BABER and Hollis GASSETT Jr. were married on 21 June 1997.

Roy William BACA (private).

Spouse: Joyce Marie BRADSHAW-6377. Joyce Marie BRADSHAW and Roy William BACA were married on 11 December 1954 in Bastrop County, TX.

Ralph August "Butch" BADER (private). Parents: Ralph August "Shorty" BADER-1223 and Billie Pauline CRAWFORD-1244.

Ralph August "Shorty" BADER was born on 18 April 1909.6

Spouse: Billie Pauline CRAWFORD-1244. Billie Pauline CRAWFORD and Ralph August "Shorty" BADER were married about 1937. Children were: Ralph August "Butch" BADER-1226.

Lucy BAGLEY (private).

Spouse: John Ben COLE-2792.

Charlene Snyder BAGWELL (private). Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Clark BAGWELL (private). Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Era Smith BAGWELL (private). Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Laverne Cooper BAGWELL (private). Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Marceline Reed BAGWELL (private). Parents: Oscar Lee BAGWELL-224 and Eula Lee ?-790.

Merle Davis BAGWELL (private). Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Oren BAGWELL (private). Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Oscar Lee BAGWELL was born on 6 August 1903 in Warren, Okla. He died on 25 November 1993 at the age of 90 in Kennedy, TX. He was buried on 27 November 1993 in Kennedy Cemetery. Oscar was a wholesale produce/rancher. Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Spouse: Eula Lee ?-790. Eula Lee ? and Oscar Lee BAGWELL were married on 12 May 1922 in Altus, Okla.. Children were: Marceline Reed BAGWELL-795.

Robert Theodore BAGWELL was born about 1892 in Mississippi.

Spouse: Minnie Grant KELLY-219. Children were: Oscar Lee BAGWELL-224, Merle Davis BAGWELL-791, Era Smith BAGWELL-792, Oren BAGWELL-793, Wade BAGWELL-794, Laverne Cooper BAGWELL-796, Rose Ann Gregory BAGWELL-797, Charlene Snyder BAGWELL-798, Clark BAGWELL-799.

Rose Ann Gregory BAGWELL (private). Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Wade BAGWELL (private). Parents: Robert Theodore BAGWELL-223 and Minnie Grant KELLY-219.

Abidan BAILEY was born WFT Est. 1732-1773.1,2 He died WFT Est. 1775-1853.1,2

Children were: Martha A. BAILEY-4493.

Alma Ernestine BAILEY was born on 27 December 1945. Parents: Ernest G. BAILEY-203 and Florence Alma KELLY-182.

Spouse: Joseph Louis LEBLANC-545. Alma Ernestine BAILEY and Joseph Louis LEBLANC were married on 15 August 1964. Children were: Dawn Marie LEBLANC-546, Louis Joseph LEBLANC-547, Kaye LEBLANC-548, Wayne Edward LEBLANC-549, Kimberly Ann LEBLANC-550, Michael Joseph LEBLANC-551.

Callie BAILEY was born on 15 February 1876.1,2 She died on 13 May 1909 at the age of 33 in Odessa, Ward, TX, USA.1,2 Parents: David Anderson BAILEY-4308 and Margaret Alice BAILEY-4309.

Spouse: Jacob Johnson ANDREWS-4303. Callie BAILEY and Jacob Johnson ANDREWS were married on 17 February 1897 in Ward, TX, USA.1,2 Children were: Vincent ANDREWS-4295, John Davis ANDREWS-4565.

David Anderson BAILEY was born WFT Est. 1828-1857.1,2 He died WFT Est. 1885-1944.1,2

Spouse: Margaret Alice BAILEY-4309. Margaret Alice BAILEY and David Anderson BAILEY were married WFT Est. 1885-1909.1,2 Children were: Callie BAILEY-4304.

Dayton Bradley BAILEY (private). Parents: Ernest G. BAILEY-203 and Florence Alma KELLY-182.

Spouse: Mickey Ann Mabra (DUCEK)-555. Mickey Ann Mabra (DUCEK) and Dayton Bradley BAILEY were married on 28 September 1974. Children were: Thomas Shawn Ducek BAILEY-556, Dayton Bradley BAILEY Jr.-557.

Dayton Bradley BAILEY Jr. was born on 27 September 1975. Parents: Dayton Bradley BAILEY-206 and Mickey Ann Mabra (DUCEK)-555.

Ernest G. BAILEY (private).

Spouse: Florence Alma KELLY-182. Florence Alma KELLY and Ernest G. BAILEY were married on 18 December 1943 in Aransas Pass, Texas. Children were: Alma Ernestine BAILEY-204, Karen Kay BAILEY-205, Dayton Bradley BAILEY-206, Robert Wayne BAILEY-392, Jo Ann BAILEY-393.

Heath Zacheriah BAILEY was born on 29 March 1972. Parents: Robert Wayne BAILEY-392 and Evelyn Jo CROSS-558.